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Quality Sliding Tarp Systems

Here at Glider Systems Inc., we know that driving hundreds of miles can wear on truck equipment, and we also know that transportation businesses don’t have the time for frequent repairs. That’s why we provide dependable sliding tarp systems for transportation vehicles. Our 30 years of experience in the industry makes us the premier option for rolling tarps.

Why Choose Us?

Protecting vehicles and products during long-distance transportation is a matter of safety for everyone involved. Loose materials can be hazardous for other drivers, while other materials can damage the environment. In fact, some states and territories require trucks and trailers to cover their cargo by law.

Our sliding tarp systems are uniquely designed to keep your cargo safe, benefiting your drivers and the vehicles they share the road with. There’s no need to worry about having enough space for your cargo; our tarps are made to be flexible, so they can accommodate oversized loads. These systems help you stay safe and follow the law.

Dependable and Customized

No one trailer is the same, so we’ve designed our product to be customizable for every truck. A customized tarp can advertise your fleet and distinguish you from your competition, all while protecting your products, and regardless of the design, each sliding tarp rolls smoothly, reducing your need for repairs.

However, if you do need repairs, we provide them. Our technicians can replace many parts including the following:

  • Tarps
  • Tensioning mechanisms
  • Wheels and bearings

We’re also happy to perform repairs on any tarp system, even if it isn’t ours. Our repair services match our fabrication services in excellence and customer satisfaction.

Call Us Today!

Glider Systems Inc provides quality service and products, and we deliver every time. Call our friendly team today at 519-890-4046 for a free quote on your custom sliding tarp system.

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