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Rolling Tarp System

With 30 years' worth of experience in creating unique sliding tarp systems, Glider Systems Inc. has designed rolling tarps to keep you and your cargo safe on the open road.

The right cover is essential for making sure that your trailer is roadworthy. The right cover also keeps your fellow drivers safe on the road around you. After all, no truck driver wants to deal with the fallout of having a load come loose while on a job.

Customized Tarp Systems 

Our team specializes in making tarps that are custom fit to meet the customer's needs, meaning that none of our clients leave feeling like they were unable to find the right rolling tarp system for their truck or trailer.

However, even if you find yourself not needing a specialized, custom tarp, we still offer many different kinds of standard, rolling tarps for flatbed, drop deck, and double drop trailers. Our wide variety of product ensures that every customer will be able to find the right tarp for their trailer's needs.

Tarp Repair Services

Every tarp system, even ones as durable as our systems, will eventually need to be repaired in order to make sure they keep providing your trailer with a safe, secure fit.

Fortunately, our team also specializes in repairing many different kinds of tarp systems meaning that, even if you didn't have your rolling cover installed by us, we can still repair it for you. After all, a rolling tarp system can't be properly relied upon if there are holes in it or if the rolling system is on the fritz.

Contact Us Today

If you need a custom rolling tarp system for your flatbed, drop deck, or double drop trailer, don't hesitate to call or email us today. Our specialized contractors will work with you to get you a free quote on the type of rolling tarp system your trailer needs.

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