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Cargo Tarp Systems

If you drive a semi-truck or use a flatbed trailer, you know the importance of protecting your cargo. GLIDER™ Tarp Systems Inc. is here to help. We offer cargo tarp systems that are customized to fit oversize loads. Each of our tarps is designed to offer maximum protection for any weather or event you'll encounter on the road, so if you need a cargo tarp, contact us today.

Our Cargo Tarps

Our sliding cargo tarps are built to be resistant, durable, and convenient so that you get the protection you need without any stress. And we design our tarps to fit flatbed, drop deck, and double drop deck trailers, so we're confident that we can help you get the tarp you need, no matter your situation.

Do you really need a tarp? You might think you don't, but some of the benefits of installing one of our tarps include:

Resistance to wear and tear

Protection from inclement weather, including rain, sleet, snow, UV rays, and wind

Versatile usage from agricultural to industrial to construction

Enhanced safety because none of your cargo will be able to rattle or shake loose

Protect yourself, your cargo, and the other vehicles on the road with a cargo tarp from GLIDER™ Tarp Systems Inc. We are confident that you will love our tarp products.

Our Company

We have over 30 years of combined experience in this industry, and we're dedicated to providing you with the highest quality tarps available. Plus, we even offer tarp and tarp system repairs for any truck, even if we didn't sell the tarp in the first place.

Everything we do is customized to fit your needs perfectly, so if you think you'll benefit from a cargo tarp, contact us today at (313) 332-4654 to get a free estimate for your tarp.

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